Intro to Micros E7

MICROS maintains its reputation for providing innovative and superior products to the hospitality industry throughout the world with the MICROS e7. MICROS e7 is a robust point-of-sale solution, with the high quality, reliable and extensive features that the marketplace has grown to expect from MICROS, packaged specifically for the independent restaurateur.


MICROS e7 is a complete solution that utilizes MICROS's revolutionary Workstation 4 and the Workstation 4 LX POS terminal platforms and MICROS's 25+ years of industry leading software solutions.

The MICROS e7 system includes a graphical configuration tool that allows privileged employees to easily perform system setup, menu changes, hiring functions and other administration tasks with a minimal amount of training. A trained user should be able to configure an entire restaurant in 3-4 hours. A restaurant manager should be able to change or add menu items in a few seconds. Complete end-user documentation and on-line help makes access to additional administration information quick and easy.

MICROS e7 includes integrated time and attendance, supporting multiple job codes per employee with different privilege levels and pay rates, based on the job code selected when an employee clocks in. The MICROS e7 Time and Attendance module also includes a payroll export capability.


MICROS e7 consists of a peer-to-peer network of intelligent terminals with guest check and kitchen printers connected via a MICROS IDN port or serial port on the workstation. The IDN option allows multiple printers to be daisychained off of a single IDN port, reducing the cabling investment and effort. The MICROS e7 POS System uses two types of terminals, the Workstation 4 (WS4), and the Workstation 4 LX (WS4 LX), that act as registers for customer sales and for recording all time-keeping activity in the system. The WS4 and the WS4 LX contain similar functionality and appearance; however the WS4 LX provides increased processing power and speed. Both workstations are highly reliable, solid state, 12.1" full color touchscreen terminal running Microsoft Windows CE.NET. The Workstation 4 includes 2 USB ports, and the Workstation 4 LX includes 4 USB ports. Both workstations contain 2 Cash Drawer ports, a serial port, and 2 IDN ports that may be converted to serial ports (a separate adapter is required), an integrated magnetic card reader and a customer display port. The only difference between the appearance of the WS4 and the WS4 LX is when the unit is turned on. The WS4 will display a green light in the bottom-right corner of the unit where the WS4 LX will display a blue light in the bottom-right corner.

Credit Card Compliancy

Whats New With all the new credit card security requirements, you may have been told you need to upgrade your system in order to comply. If you are using MICROS Pos 3700 system, 8700 system, or 9700 system version we can help avoid a costly and unnecessary upgrade and still be in compliance with all the new regulations. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US TODAY and find out how you can do it for less!

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