intro to 3700

Also Known As RES3000

Let's start out with a brief introduction:

First, Res3000 is the software that the company MICROS develops and sells. Res/3000 is a program that uses a third party product called SQL Anywhere, which is made by Sybase. As you might guess, any problems that are inherent to SQL Anywhere manifest themselves in Res/3000.

The Res/3000 product is constantly updating 1 primary file: Micros.DB --- A file that is updated using the Sybase SQL Anywhere database server. This file can be found on your server PC here:

(Alternately it may appear on the D drive instead)

So it is obvious, that if you are ever going to have control over your MICROS RES/3000 installation, you'll need to understand how Sybase SQL works. We'll include a great tutorial on how the SQL language works ( ) The tutorial will explain the EASY TO USE language called SQL (See-quel). Also, SQL stands for Standard (or System) Query Language... this is a computerese way to say 'a language that looks stuff up for you'.

Now that we've got that all straightened out, let's take a look at how to start using SQL on an installed RES/3000 server computer. First, you need to get to the Interactive SQL command window. You do this by following this simple procedure: From Micros Website on the RES3700: Micros RES 3700 POS System

The MICROS 3700 is a true 32-bit application designed to run under Microsoft® Windows® 95,98,NT or Windows® 2000. The software easily integrates with OPOS-compliant peripheral hardware including printers, cash drawers, and pole displays. And our MICROS 3700 TSR architecture is designed to allow you to add workstations, new stores and RES3700 PC Workstation (PCWS) applications easily so the system grows with your operation.

At the heart of the MICROS 3700 TSR is the Sybase SQL Anywhere/Adaptive Server Anywhere standard relational database management system (RDBM). Sybase is a robust relational database proven successful in high-volume , transaction-oriented environments. It is a powerful database solution that provides excellent data access with minimum system administration.

Choose from over 150 standard report templates or generate custom reports using Seagate Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, or the report writer of your choice.

The MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series 3000 (RES3000) is a unique series of integrated applications that includes Point-of-Sale, Enterprise Office, Restaurant Operations and Corporate Applications. RES 3000 helps you build success through every level of your enterprise, from making sure each customer gets the right order on time to controlling prices, menus, and profits on a chain-wide basis. And it is scalable so it can serve your needs whether you're a neighborhood restaurant or a worldwide chain.

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NEWS FLASH: If your site uses IDN/232 printers attached off of a workstation and you upgrade to a newer printer which requires OPOS drivers, you must set the IDN printer's COM port to NULL before doing the OPOS driver install for the new printer. Otherwise, COM4 will be 'in use' and de-activated. There are evidently some database 'rules' that disallow certain options from being selected depending on database entries previously made. The bottom line is, when you are replacing a printer, de-activate it and re-add its replacement if the drivers are dis-similar.

Credit Card Compliancy

Whats New With all the new credit card security requirements, you may have been told you need to upgrade your system in order to comply. If you are using MICROS Pos 3700 system, 8700 system, or 9700 system version we can help avoid a costly and unnecessary upgrade and still be in compliance with all the new regulations. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US TODAY and find out how you can do it for less!

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