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A Quick System Guide ~

The Micros 2700 XL Touchscreen Unit.

No other system has grown more restaurants businesses than the MICROS 2700 Hospitality Management Systems (HMS). With over 65,000 units in 20,000 restaurants, it's the most trusted and widely used restaurant POS system in the world. The 2700 HMS's integrated hardware and software and full-featured functionality make it a cost-effective solution for a wide range of hospitality applications.

The MICROS 2700 HMS has proven itself over time in the toughest restaurant environments. Its track record for rugged durability and low maintenance requirement is unmatched in the industry. For day-in, day-out reliability, ease-of-use and complete operational and reporting features, the MICROS 2700 is the proven choice.

All the Functionality You Need Today

Split checks. Send items to the kitchen as they're ordered. Use different menus in different day parts. Route orders to multiple printers. Print or view reports anytime, at any terminal. The 2700 HMS does everything you need to run an efficient, profitable, restaurant. In either keyboard or touch screen models, the 2700 HMS's simple, intuitive interface makes it easy for your employees to concentrate on what's important: your customers.

And it's ability to record and report transactions quickly and accurately makes it easy for you to keep track all of your vital information. You can access menu item, employee sales, revenue center, time period and system-wide totals at a touch of a button. The information you need is at your fingertips.

Key Features:
The following reports are available by system, terminal or revenue center, with current and/or to-date totals:


Credit Cards

Yes, it is possible to run integrated credit cards on your 2700 system with a package called RM2700. The bad news is that RM2700 isn't supported anymore and it does not support credit card masking (hiding all but the last digits of the account number), so your customers will see their entire credit card number with expiration date on their receipt. THIS IS ILLEGAL in many states and is now illegal in almost all states as of MARCH 15th, 2004. What is the answer? Use a standalone credit card processing system in the short term or talk with your credit card clearing house to see about a multiplexed multi-station solution.

Manager Procedures

Let's go into details on how the menu items work. 8-CHANGE MENU ITEM ASSIGNMENT is where we will start. Use the PGUP (page up) and PGDN (page down) keys to move the cursor to the next/previous page. Once in a modifying menu, use the CONTROL+PGUP/CONTROL+PGDN keys to go to the next page.

*Turn the Illinois key right and press SHIFT+ENTER and you'll be in the MASTER KEY configuration screen. Lots of set up and diagnostics can be easily accessed here.
*To reset a 2700 terminal, Turn power off, hold the CLEAR key down while powering ON. Now the terminal is reset.

Credit Card Compliancy

Whats New With all the new credit card security requirements, you may have been told you need to upgrade your system in order to comply. If you are using MICROS Pos 3700 system, 8700 system, or 9700 system version we can help avoid a costly and unnecessary upgrade and still be in compliance with all the new regulations. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US TODAY and find out how you can do it for less!

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