Our Mission ~

Quite simply, we provide Micros Users with a sound, affordable alternative to the high prices of Micros Dealers. We are commited to providing superior support, resources, and equipment to all independent organizations.

We care about small business because we are a small business!
for Less

We strive to give restaurant owners and managers the easiest, most effective solutions to your point-of-sale needs. If you need help or if you just want a second opinion, our advice is always available via telephone or email at no cost. We are here to help MICROS customers and you will find solutions to hundreds of common (and uncommon) 2700, 3700 (RES3000),8700 and 9700 problems. We also offer tons of practical ideas to help you build a successful business.

Services ~


Whether your need help with something as simple as programming some new menu items, or a more complex complete menu update we're here to help. Sometimes making even minor changes to your touchscreens and menu can result in unexpected behavior and can be frustrating to resolve without spending alot of time on it. We know you've got other things to worry about and we can help! We have been programming MICROS systems for years and can often do it faster and cheaper than your local dealer.

Hardware and Stuff

Terminals, printers, cables, components, peripherals and even supplies - we do it all. We're have some of the best prices on new or refurbished gear around. If you're looking to add another workstation, give us a call and we can provide you with an accurate quote on precisely the workstation that you need. We'll even buy your used MICROS gear and can provide you with a full system upgrade if thats what you need.

Training and Support

Want to know more about how to fix the problems with your system if they arise? Both our technical support and our trainers know the challenges you face as a business owner. If you're a do-it-yourselfer who'd like to know more about the inner-workings of your system so you can better support yourself when you need it, our trainers can supply you with the knowledge that you need. Even if you need a refresher, we're here to help. Our support department can assist with almost any issue you may be having with your Micros Point-Of-Sale system. Whether it be credit cards, reports, network issues, programming assistance or any other issue you may be having, we will help for a fraction of what the other dealers charge!

Credit Card Compliancy

Whats New With all the new credit card security requirements, you may have been told you need to upgrade your system in order to comply. If you are using MICROS Pos 3700 system, 8700 system, or 9700 system version we can help avoid a costly and unnecessary upgrade and still be in compliance with all the new regulations. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US TODAY and find out how you can do it for less!

Gear Stop

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